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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

the post that Instagram deleted
Birthday suit birthday post

I finally got around to it. Or should I say, my hubby aka my webmaster, manager, photographer, editor, driver, tech support etc, etc finally got around to building me a website. We've been tossing the idea around for a while now but for one reason or another, it just kept being put in the back burner.

Funnily enough, I actually have Instagram to thank for it. My main account has been disabled since November 2019 and I've been using my backup account @pinksunstoryfit since then. But recently, Instagram has been unfairly deleting my posts and stories again, so that means my account could be deleted at any time. If that happens (let's hope not!), I might not have the energy or desire to make a new Instagram account all over again. But in the worst case scenario, at least I'll have this website which nobody can take away from me.

A little backgrounder: I started my original instagram in January 2017 as a way to monitor my fitness journey and gain a little self-confidence as I posted my progress. Instagram had a really healthy and encouraging fitness community and it was very helpful to me in the beginning to connect with like-minded individuals and help me with my goals. Over time, I felt more confident and empowered to post sexier pictures and that got me a lot of heat from my local community and that's when my instagram became the target of attacks. My posts would get reported and taken down despite the content not being in violation of Instagram's community standards. The truth is, I wouldn't have had a problem with the deletions if they applied their standards fairly for all users, but the truth is that there were and are clearer violations of their rules and they never got deleted. In fact, just to test it out, I reported several posts with more graphic content and I would get a response from Instagram that there was nothing wrong with the posts I reported. That's when I figured I was being cyberbullied. Eventually, my whole account got taken down. I would create a new account, but that would get taken down, too. I kept making new Instagram accounts but in a few days, these would be deleted. Something was definitely amiss when I created an account with absolutely zero sexy content and that, too, was deleted. Before the deletions started, my Instagram got the attention of Cosmopolitan Philippines, who interviewed me for an article that essentially stuck it to haters and bullies. My husband fought hard to get my account back and after almost two months of getting deleted over and over, he was able to get my account restored right before the Cosmo interview and when it was published it helped get my instagram noticed by a lot more people. I slowly built my followers over the next years and it almost hit 50k before it was deleted again last year. I've been using my backup account ever since and I honestly haven't been as enthusiastic about Instagram compared to when I started because I've noticed that the platform has conservative and misogynistic policies that punish women unfairly. It's not explicit in their Community Standards, but women promoting links to their OnlyFans or Patreon would get suspended or deleted even if their post was completely within the bounds of the Community Standards.

Instagram deleted this story, too
a wink and a smile

Last week, Instagram deleted my birthday post (first pic) where I planned to give away a copy of my 2020 Calendar. It was a sexy post but completely abiding by Community Standards. It was followed by a deletion of an Instagram story (second pic) that, again, showed absolutely nothing. That's when I figured that maybe the haters are back at it and they're abusing Instagram's reporting tools again. I'm tired of fighting bullies on a platform that enables them, so I decided that my own website is probably my best shot at keeping my sanity if ever Instagram deletes my account again. In the past, each time an account would get deleted I would go through a period of depression. Instagram's customer support is completely abysmal and they're doubly unhelpful to accounts deleted ostensibly on grounds of violating their Community Guidelines on nudity and sexual content. I suffer from anxiety and bipolar disorder, so going through deletions is extremely tough. It never gets easier, but I've finally sobered up to the fact that Instagram really doesn't care about its users, specially not those with accounts like mine.

The good news is that this has basically forced me to put up my own site and it's really liberating. That way, I can promote my Patreon and Ismygirl platforms without having to worry being punished for it. I'm also excited to talk about other things, like my toys, my family, my relationship, my fitness journey and yes, even sex. I'm excited to push my brand forward and work on projects that I really enjoy and hopefully you'll enjoy, too. To all the people who've followed me, some of you since my very first account in 2017, I want to say thank you. I've made many Instagram friends along the way, and I'm grateful for all of you. It's time to turn things around this 2020, let's get this party started!

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